From planning through testing to production!

Our factory production is performed with modern CNC manufacturing machines (mill, sinker EDM, wire EDM) and high professional demands. Our toolmakers ensure the entire fulfillment of construction through continuous supervision.

We undertake the manufacturing of the following parts by order:

  • CNC milling (x-600 mm, y-400 mm, z-500 mm)
  • Wire EDM (x-300 mm, y-200 mm, z-150 mm)
  • Sinker EDM (x-400 mm, y-300 mm, z-250 mm)
  • Flat grinding (x-800 mm, y-500 mm, z-300 mm)
  • Start hole EDM drilling (x-300 mm, y-200 mm, z-200 mm)
  • Turning (D-400 mm, x-800 mm)


Megmunkáló Tipus Vezérlés Munka méret
CNC milling EmR-1020D NCT201 1020x510x560
CNC milling Kondia B640 Mold NCT 600x400x500
CNC milling Euromill 510L NCT 510x400x450
wire cut Fanuc α-oi A Fanuc 300x200x180
EDM Ingersoll Gantry 400 Mitsubishi 400x300x200
EDM Japax DXC 30 Japax 300x300x200
start driller First D703B dm0,5x200x300x200
turning Kart E3N-01 dm250-165×750
turning Jahnford1730 dm600-180×750
grinding Matrix MAC 1291 300×220
grinding Stöckel FX60 600x360x300
grinding ChungWei GS740 600x400x420
grinding Stanko 3ABOD 350x220x250
grinding Jungher US-2305 350x90x210
grinding KU250-04 dm260x750
szerszamuzem-1 szerszamuzem-2 szerszamuzem-3 szerszamuzem-4