About us

Welcome in our Homepage!

Unitool Plastik ltd. is solely owned by a Hungarian mold and plastic parts manufacturer. We are specialized in manufacturing tools of high standard, first of all for the car industry, as well as for players in the fields of electronics and hygiene.

Of this, we offer the following:

  • designing and manufacturing of tools for injection molding
  • manufacturing of unique, complex metal parts
  • modifying and maintenance of injection molding tools
  • non-series and mass production of injection molding parts
We are changing and improving our machinery continuously adjusted to our customer’s demands.

In 2007 the State of Hungary offered a grant of HUF 6 261 000 for the tool technology project of Unitool Plastik within the framework of a tender invited for the technological development of micro-sized and private enterprises. The machine-tools purchased from this grant can be checked here.

The dimensions of our biggest form plate are 496×496 mm. Steel base materials are purchased from the Hungarian agency of BĂ–HLER, and are built in standard-size tools (MEUSBURGER, HASCO, DME, STRACK …).

Our tool designers make plans of tools based on the customer’s drawing and the technological product specifications in the ProE CAD system. 80% of our products are purchased by foreign companies. In our plastic procession workshop equipped with eight we perform the testing of our own tools, and this is also the place of mass production with our 8 injection molding machines of 25-175-tone clamping force.
The most frequently used base materials are: ABS, POM, PA, PC, PC-ABS, PPS.

We work in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 : 2009 quality assurance system.